Release date: 21st October 2015
Fast paced puzzle game where you will find yourself assembling robots. Play responsible, don't let them fall apart.
Dive Hard
Release date: Sometime in 2016
You are the Knight, you live on the floating island, you dive to the ocean bottom for treasures and profit. You make your very own island better.
Release date: January 2016
You are the space researcher, who travels accross different planets and seeks for interesting life forms. Those lifeforms usually want you to have as a dinner. Use your legs to survive.


We are a team of three people, located in Lviv, Ukraine, making games we think would be fun to play. Our first game Robotap was released for iOS in october 2015. Now we are working on DiveHard and Skedaddle.

If you want to contact us, here is an e-mail:

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October 19, 2015

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